Camila Cabello - Camila (January 12th, 2018)


Exactly. Especially when the Japan bonus track for 5H’s new album was the instrumental of Down. Watch the Japan edition have an instrumental of Havana and the remix of Havana :joy:


I don’t follow any of them so I wasn’t aware what the Japanese edition bonus track was. That’s so shitty of Epic. :coffin:


@Lovestrong @Kenji Is there a better chance at the Target and Japan editions having new bonus tracks as Camila went with the Electric Feel publishing management company to produce the album rather than Epic?
…I wouldn’t be surprised if Japan’s bonus tracks are CITC and OMG though.


At this point, IDK.

Target could go along and have the NBtS Radio Mix as their bonus and have the standard be only 10 tracks. I don’t see Japan having CITB or OMG though. I would expect them to pull a 5H and have the Havana Instrumental and the remix for Havana.


Oh and apparently, there’s video of Camila telling Ed that “The Boy,” would NOT be on the album. Idk where the video is but that’s just what I’ve heard within the last few hours.


Can’t wait to finally hear this album! Still said Crying In The Club won’t be on it tho. :frowning:


Here are the tracks that will be on the album:

Never Be the Same
All These Years
She Loves Control
Into It
Something’s Gotta Give
Real Friends
Inside Out
In the Dark
Never Be the Same (Radio Mix)

I’m sure Japan/Target won’t even be new songs. They will be either Instrumental, Remixes, Acoustics or CITC/OMG/IHQ. I’m not expecting new songs for bonuses. This is Epic after all. LOL


Is this the tracklist? She Loves Control and Something’s Gotta Give already sound interesting by their titles alone. Camila hasn’t announced anything though, has she?

As for the Japan/Target bonuses, I’m expecting the Daddy Yankee remix of Havana to be one. LOL.


Not officially the tracklisting. We don’t know the order, but someone noticed these were song titles on a Never Be the Same video.


Since we already know OMG, CITC and IHQ won’t be on be album, the others will be I guarentee


Young Thug is the only feature on the album.


He won’t be on mine. :upside_down_face:


Right. We’ll be using the solo version :sunglasses:


She should release the solo version as a bonus track.


The solo version has already been released though via a compilation.


It has?! Was the compilation released digitally?


It was released on a NRJ compilation. Sadly, it seems like the solo version is album only but I got the FLAC of it. I can send it to you if you want?


Since we all know how incompetent Epic is, they should at least toss the solo version on one of the international editions; she performs it solo all. of. the. damn. time. :man_facepalming:t2:


Oh didn’t you hear? Epic isn’t smart enough to do that :rofl:

Honestly though, it should have been on the cd single along with the remix. Epic is really dumb, for real.


She’s changing the track list at the last minute. With a little over three weeks until album release, I’m surprised Epic is allowing her to do this since it’ll affect the packaging and its production schedule. Unless, they’re going to now rush it through production and distribution…

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