Camila Cabello - Camila (January 12th, 2018)


You’ll never buy the album, then!


sux4u :man_shrugging:


Whatevs, she won’t be my fav.


I was so excited for the album but it really let me down. It’s really underwhelming. The downhill spiral begun when she released NBTS and Real Friends. Hopefully her follow up will be better than this.

Side note: I’m still glad she’s predicted to hit #1 because I still really want her to do well.


There’s actually 9 new songs. Havana was the lead single and the rest are new for the album.






This got stale quickly.


This is an okay album, I tried to like it


Still waiting on my autographed cd to ship from her site! I’m also still pissed Crying In The Club wasn’t on the album even as a bonus track. :confused:


This really does not need to become a thing.


But, it is becoming a thing, unfortunately.


What!? I had no idea. I’ll have to give this a listen as I love both of them!


this album is trash with the exception of Something’s Gotta Give
especially now that Lauren, the Beyoncé™ is coming she’s really over


Camila will be releasing Sangria Wine soon! Not sure if it’s this week or not, though.


Summer re-issue?


Doubt it this early. I would say it’s either just a regular single or she’s adding it to the digital album on digital retailers.


We’ve seen quick re-releases; I wouldn’t put it past her or Epic.


“Sangria Wine” should be out this to coincide with the BBMA.


lauren? yeah she’s coming, straight into the dumpster

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