Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods (February 2nd, 2018)


That review, ouch. I’m interested to hear it for myself when it’s out on Apple Music.


I told you, this era will flop. Period. He should just dis Timbo and The Neptunes, get his shit together, and release something fresh and mature.


The main issue here is the fact that he landed the Super Bowl and had to rush release the album. That and he’s one of the worst offenders when it comes to condensing his records which means hooks that would otherwise ingrain their way into your brain become mindless chants that go on for a minute plus. Records like “Midnight Summer Jam” would have been rather ace had he taken the five minute duration and condensed it to about four minutes in length, if not shorter.

It’s not entirely a horrid affair; there’s some gems buried in the mix, but it’s not enough to counterbalance the filler and ultimately corny records with cringeworthy lyrical work.

I’m taking “Higher Higher”, “Supplies”, “Montana” and “Breeze off the Pond”, and running.


A few thoughts on the album.

  • The cinematic-hallucinatory-dream-like outros in “Filthy” and “Flannel” and the “Livin Off the Land” intro are on a different level sonically and atmospherically than the rest of the album, and the build up fools the listener (such as myself) into expecting a similar sounding and stronger track, only to then end up disappointed.

  • As Nathaniel said, the track lengths are far too long. The minute long repetitive hooks are tiring.

  • Much of this album just sounds like a poor rehash of FutureSex/LoveSounds, but with a more country-esque vibe. Justified and FS/LS remain superior albums.

  • “Midnight Summer Jam”, “Wave”, “Montana” and “Breeze Off the Pond” are the only four I didn’t skip through as a result of being bored.

Also, Pitchfork gave the album a pretty scathing review and rated it 3.8/10.


Overall the album is ok and good, but it’s definitely not his best.


I’ve begun re-editing the OP; credit to @Kenji for the tracklisting formatting! I take no credit for it at all!


The PopJustice review is hilarious. :coffin:


Idk but I really like it.

My favorite tracks so far are Midnight Summer Jam, Man of The Woods, Flannel, and Livin’ Off The Land.


The most disgusting thing about this entire era is: “When I wear his shirt, it feels like his skin over mine. And the little holes and tears and shreds on it are the memories of the past that I wasn’t there for, but, that somehow I feel like I understand more when it’s against my skin. It’s an armour, like a barrier from the world. Like, our secret nobody else knows and I like that, you know? It makes me feel like a woman, it makes me feel sexy, it makes me feel like I’m his.”

Written and produced by Justin Timberlake

What sort of narcissistic douchebag writes something like that and forces his wife to record it? Oh, wait, the man that starred in a Woody Allen movie after he was ousted for being a deplorable piece of shit. The man that makes a tweet in reference to the Time’s Up movement and instead of claiming that he’s incredibly lucky to have such an intellectual human being for a wife, literally says “man, my wife is HOT”.


I am listening to the album now


I think it’s an ok album.

How does he go from ‘Can’t stop the Feeling’ to this shit tho -.-


I really tried to like this album, but it’s a no for me


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Justin Timberlake’s Man of the Woods (RCA) now appears on track for a first-week total in the neighbourhood of 250k-275k.

How do your sale projections go down after the Super Bowl? :coffin:


Forbes summed up the whole situation pretty nicely.

Many balked at the NFL’s decision to invite Timberlake back to the Super Bowl after the 2004 Nipplegate debacle, which derailed Janet Jackson’s career but allowed his star to shine. Others revisited his multiple jabs at ex-girlfriend Britney Spears, whom he gleefully threw under the bus in the name of publicity, as in his 2002 smash hit “Cry Me a River.” Others simply regarded him as a culture vulture whose effortless abandonment of the black music on which he’d built his early sound suggested that he never respected the art form in the first place.

Timberlake is an electrifying performer with a half-dozen transcendent smash hits that will remain in the pop music canon forever. But on Sunday night, the Man of the Woods performed like a man of the past, with no way of reconciling his old-school, digestible brand of entertainment with a hypercritical audience that keeps receipts on every pop star.


This is truly a harsh blemish on his career. It’s a shame. It would have been better if he took his time to release something, instead he rushed an album like he did with 2020 pt 2. I disliked “Can’t stop the feeling” but it was for kids on a kids movie soundtrack so i didn’t expect to like it.


Listening to this again.
20/20 Part 1 > FS/LS > Justified & 20/20 Part 2 > MOTW


Currently the album has only shifted 149,726 units according to HDD.

The decay. :coffin:


I Think this is Not bad. Maybe for his standards but overall not.


Oh Miss Justin I was so excited, but oh well

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