Avril Lavigne | Head Above Water | February 2019


@FoolwithDreams @Lovestrong on the Avril forum we kind of agreed that new music might will come at the end of february or in march (first single).
Chris, her musical director posted a photo on Insta, said that the album will wrap this month, Avril said album will be completed around end of february (guessing that this involves photoshoot, MV etc…)
Lets hope girls, I am seriously dying here.


Updated the main post with this article, and Avril’s Insta post regarding the album :slight_smile:


update :slight_smile:



We better get this album by the end of summer/beginning of Fall tbfh.

It’s been SO DAMN LONG.


Hell no!!! We have to have the album before JUNE!!! I cant handle that much wait anymore.


I fucking love this video.



Woo! Finally some answers!!! Cant wait!


Thank hun I update soon the main post.


can’t wait !


Glad to hear she’s doing better health-wise, I’ve never particularly been a fan of her music but after suffering from a similar disease recently I get how much strength she’s displaying by pushing on, it’s for sure making me want to check the new single out when it drops :smiley:


I’m just wondering about the sound. Avril, for me, is hit or miss. There’s no in between.


She’s back!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Yes, she is! It’s growing on me. But, I still want something else from her.


Loving this single, ready for more!


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