iPhone X - Who's Getting It?


Who’s getting the X? I’m still torn between the X and the 8 plus (leaning a bit more towards the 8 plus). I just feel like that notch at the top is going to drive me crazy when watching something.



Cannot wait to get mine next week!


Ugh… I’m so torn, lol. Doesn’t really matter at this point I guess. The X is backordered for awhile. Can’t wait to hear how you like it!


Getting mine tomorrow, pretty pumped


I’m pretty sure that I’ll be getting one, maybe in January. I’ve had my 7+ for almost a year now and it’s still magnificent and I’ve had zero problems.


I mean if I could afford one I would get the X for sure but poor lol


Mine keeps shutting off randomly.


Now that you mention it, mine has done it twice but I thought it was related to the new iOS stability?


I’ms sure that’s the issue. It’s never done it before.


I got the 8+ and I’m pretty happy with it, they’re pretty much the same spec aside from the facemoji gimmick and the full screen thing


Nope. I got the 6 a few months ago, and I am very happy with it.


The 6?!


Yes, the 6. My broke ass couldn’t afford anything more, haha. And I ain’t paying off a phone for years. I needed a new phone and so that’s what I got.



I wish I could do that, but as one of the only working adults in my household, I have to be smart about my money. And since I don’t really use my cell phone, I chose the best option, aside from getting a flip phone, etc.


I hear ya. I’m just messing. :slight_smile: this is one of my only splurges during the year. Congrats to you for being mature. Not always easy.


No, it really is not. Haha.


I’m so torn. Eventually I feel like it’s going to become the standard model so I should probably just adapt already. But at the same time, I love my home button and I feel like this just looks like an Android.


True. The no home button can be odd.


As long as they’re still running updates for my current phone, no.
I never try to keep up with technology.

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