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You literally added Limitless to your post just as I started listening to it.
Spooky :ghost:


creepy. was the it japanese version too?


Yes! :laughing:


Did you guys see that BTS are performing at the American Music Awards next week?


And going on Ellen :open_mouth:


and going on Kimmel on wedneday… is my fangirl showing? lol

(still learning how to quote here.)


Just a little :grinning:

To quote, highlight the text you want to quote then click the button that pops up :wink:


thanks for the tidbit!
i was lucky enough and saw them in chicago on the wings tour in march. it was amazing. :slight_smile:


Listening to VIXX’s discography and they are so good omg.


So happy that this thread is back so I can discover/re-discover K-Pop and J-Pop!


Wow. BTS are now performing on Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel, AND James Corden in addition to their AMAs performance.


Red Velvet are coming for WIGS. Just pre-ordered the album!



The dancing scenes are a little random, but I liked the horror movie theme. The references to Sweeney Todd and The Shining were clever.


Updated the main thread with upcoming k-pop comebacks. I’ll try to keep it as up to date as possible :slight_smile:


super junior’s D & E making a comeback too? man they’re busy, they just literally had a comeback.


They just announced it a few days ago, SJ are still promoting though so I’m not sure if it’s gonna be a digital single only or not.


When are NCT U making a comeback though… it’s been so long. :thinking:


i guess we shall see then.


It’s a Japanese digital single, titled ‘Here We Are’. There’ll likely be very little/no promotion.

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