Rita Ora | Phoenix | November 23, 2018



Phoenix | November 23, 2018


Your Song | May 26, 2017

Lonely Together | August 11, 2017

Anywhere | October 20, 2017

Let You Love Me | September 21, 2018

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And to think she was first supposed to release in 2012.
People have started and finished high school/college since then.

As much as I’d love to have an album from her release stateside, I’m not holding my breath.


Let’s hope the album does come out this time around. Other than that, she never lets me down with her singles, Your Song and Anywhere are bops! :loudspeaker:


Wow. I didn’t even think of it this way!


I hope she includes I Will Never Let You Down.


Dont get ur hopes up. That song is sooo old


Ugh, I know :disappointed_relieved: It’d be nice if it was in there as a bonus track on a deluxe edition or something though.


I think its safe to say that fans will be happy if she EVER releasing an album again :confused:


Doubt it, since that was under her RocNation/Columbia deal, and she isn’t with them any more. She’s done a completely new record.



Yas for Bebe :raised_hands:t2:


Oh you’re right, I forgot about that. :persevere:


New song, ‘PROUD’ inspired by the stories submitted to ABSOLUT VODKA’s The Open Mic Project.


Well, this song is no “Anywhere” but it’s alright, you can make an EP with all the singles she’s released so far if she doesn’t release an album ever again. TBH, I don’t mind, her singles sell quite well in the UK and she’s doing great as a singles artist so, I ain’t mad as long as she keeps releasing bops.


I’ve heard rumours that the album is coming in March, but I thought it would have been announced by now if that was the case.

A new HMV listing has the album’s title as Phoenix and lists the release date of November 23.


She better get promoting a new single then because it will flop otherwise.

I still don’t get why it wasn’t released when Your Song and Anywhere were all over the radio and charts in the UK…

Because she supposedly needed more time to record more music.



Loved all the singles, I really hope there are some other great songs on the album too! I’m ready! :raised_hands:

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