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That is, if anyone is still using :laughing: :blush:


How do you have almost 80k scrobbles in less than 5 months? :coffin:


I imported my iTunes library :laughing:


Oh, mess. Sorry :toilet:


I haven’t used since like 2014 or 2013 when they completely changed the layout. Lol Has anything changed since then?


is it still going?



i hate going on the site with the new layout change, but it still scrobbles my music lmao.
admittedly it stopped for like a year and a half but still.


Seeing how I only really listen to music on my phone now, what app would you suggest for scrobbling?


So I made a new one since I lost all the information I had for my old one lol
Feel free to follow me! :slight_smile:


I have an iPhone and I use Loud. It scrobbles as you listen and its got a great interface.




Does anyone know how to fix the crazy titles?

Some of mine are like"

SAME DAY different bottle
thinK OuTSIDe THE boY


People still use I stopped using when it fucked up my MSN Live Messenger; both of which I don’t use anymore, haha!


I’m obsessed with last fm still. Haha


There was a form you could submit a few months ago to fix the titles but they stopped fixing them. :neutral_face:


Fucking mess :roll_eyes:


The form is back up! No idea when they’ll start correcting things again though.


just throwing this out there \o/

// Who's Online (Guests Fix)