Taylor Swift - Reputation (November 10, 2017)


The tracklist is kinda messy and the back cover is ugly :toilet:


I agree with the tracklist, but i do think back cover slays


Welp looks like this won’t be released in NZ or Australia first. They will get it the same time the US does. Saw that coming. Lol


The back cover definitely slays :nail_care::dancer:


So excited for this! Loving the “new” Taylor stuff.


Digipaks are so gross, can people actually stop :coffin:


It’s not a digipak.
It has a slipcover over it like 1989 did.



wonder if it’ll get released early in NZ and Aussie. I don’t think I can wait for the US release to listen to the whole thing :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


It won’t.

The first release will be US.


Almost just a day away!!!


Damn. So more hours to wait for it. 24 hours to go! :expressionless:


My Target Magazines have been shipped!!



There’s a new video with her in it for the premiere tomorrow but can’t find it on youtube


all the singles so far are trash don’t have any hopes for this shit


Wait, what???
Isnt it out at midnight in NZ time?
I cannot wait one more day for this bitch



All other countries releases have been pushed back to make it all a Worldwide Release with the US.



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