Taylor Swift - Reputation (November 10, 2017)



Not feeling it. She must be spending a fortune to make those videos cause these songs are not memorable. Director needs to go back to doing Britney videos like this, and she just needs better songs.


Can’t believe its just 10 days away, but not feeling that thrill like I felt back in those days :expressionless:


I’m looking forward to the album as a whole.
I love all of the singles so far, especially …Ready for It?.


New song “Call It What You Want” tonight at midnight!


Not sure how I’m feeling about this album release. I’m excited to see what’s in store but I’m just not impressed by what’s been out so far


is there any leak report? :stuck_out_tongue:


Friday can’t come soon enough! :snake:


I’ll be getting to HMV the morning of release day, same as I did with 1989. I loooooove what she’s released so far. :heart_eyes:


Still no tracklist tho…


She shared footage from the Secret Sessions, she’s so cute with her fans


Tracklisting + Back Cover



omg guys dont play with me hope it will leak by tomorrow


Thought it already leaked… but it was just played in the store ugh


I am soooo excited for this!!! 3 days away!!!


Ahhh only a few more days!!! :smile:


She might hit more than 1 mil for sales…


so Media Markt (something like target) is selling the limited deluxe here so on Friday, after I opened my store first thing I wil have to do is buying this sht,


She probably will, but she’s also keeping it away from Streaming services for at least a week (and maybe more) and those count towards her sales so she’ll be losing a lot still.

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