Taylor Swift - Reputation (November 10, 2017)


omg. i cannot do that. i was so excited. totally worth the wait


On first listen:

Ready For It
Look What You Made Me Do
So It Goes

I think the rest of the album blends together and nothing is very distinguishing imo. End Game and I Did Something Bad are awful. :coffin:


Getaway Car, Dancing With Our Hands Tie, End Game, Don’t Blame Me, This Is Why ARE AMAZING.


I thought This Is Why was a fun little dig at KimYe. But I was under the impression this album was going to hit harder sonically and have a lot more anger, confidence and overall a new personality. A lot of it sounds like 1989 B-Sides remixed by Jack Antonoff. She’s never really been my cup of tea apart from a few songs, so I listened to this hoping it would be something drastically different, especially after Look.


Can’t wait to hear it. Can’t find any leaks. Better to wait anyway. :slight_smile:



The album never reaches the dizzying heights of 1989, but it never reaches the lows present on that album. Also, there’s this strange undercurrent of dubstep sprinkled throughout the entirety and I’m fairly certain that we left that back in 2011. It doesn’t particularly hinder anything, but it’s such a weird callback to hear in 2017.


I LOVE I Did Something Bad, Don’t Blame Me, Getaway Car


She performed the only song i dont like on the album LOL


any magazine scans?
okay never mind found it.
now i cant wait to get mine <3


The album is a complete 180 from the darker aggressive vibe she was going with on Look What You Made Me Do. Bit disappointed.


Not a bad album, but not even close to being as good as 1989.


it’s ok album… good for taylor.


Not as exciting as 1989 with the first listen… But it’s growing on me! :blush:

Current Favs: Delicate, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Call It What You Want :heart:


My thots:

Great production, beautiful production…
And that’s about it.

It’s her vocal ability and lyrics that just don’t fit with this production like at all.

Ready for It, End Game, and This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things are such jokes of songs

I liked Dancing With Our Hands Tied
& Look What You Made Me Do is a fun campy song tbh!


It’s a nice album but not her best, imo.

‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things’ and ‘Delicate’ are my favorites so far!


I cannot stop listening to “End Game” :snake:


Listened to it yesterday. Not sure how I feel about the rest of the tracks besides the ones pre-released before it. The album as a whole was just OK to me. I’ll have to listen to it more


Did anyone here find scans of ‘reputation’ magazines? :nerd_face:


no, only videos on youtube

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