{UPDATED} HUGE Font Pack Archive!


I’ve been using this site for years, since I was in uni for graphic design, and they have some really beautiful font packs. I have a lot of them on my hard drive, so if any of you want me to post something specific or find anything wrong with this collection of mine, let me know and I will do what I can :slight_smile: :purple_heart:

This is a collection of the fonts I collected over the years that I think you beautiful people would appreciate! They’re separated into[ separate types, and each font has its own subfolder. 95% of them also comes from Creative Market with an example/preview of what each one looks like. I was going to put each one here,
but the collection got too big and I wanted to keep the thread clean.

These gothic, sometimes eerie looking fonts are like something out of what you would expect to see in The Beast’s library.
Check out the Blackletter Folder Here.

These fonts are complex, more for titles and when you need to make something stand out. about 70%
of these fonts have layerable brothers and sisters that work with them to give a complex and detailed effect.
Think the Jack Daniel’s bottle, for example.
Here is where you can find the Display fonts folder.

Clean, yet stylized. Like that one font your teacher lets you use on essays, but cuter.
Here is where you can snag the serif fonts.

Sans Serif
Take away the serifs and you get a collection of crisp, understated fonts that get their message across in an aesthetically pleasing yet effective way.
These ones can be found at this link.

These fonts are beautiful, detailed and luxurious. These ones make great logos and titles for covers.
Find This Folder Here.

These fonts are like the script ones, but since I had a few people request specific, handwritten fonts, i gathered these ones up. Alot of them have alternative characters and swashes to go with them as well.
Check Them Out Here.

Download The Full 2,915 Item Collection .ZIP File Here.

I know it’s alot to go through, which is why I separated them, and i tried to keep it as organized as possible but archiving all of this was extremely time consuming so if you have any issues with links, files or anything at all, let a bitch know :purple_heart:



I’m a hoarder when it comes to stuff like this. I’d love anything you have! I checked the site out and every font looks GORGEOUS. I’d love if you could post them x


I feel like there’s gonna be loads I want, but I don’t want to seem too greedy :confused:

But two that have stood out so far are ‘Bank’ and ‘Greycliff’. Would it be possible to have these if you have them?

Thanks again, it is very generous!


I’m working on getting those ones, and I’ll DM them to you/post them here as soon as I get my hands on them :purple_heart:
I don’t pay for these font files cause a bitch isn’t exactly rolling in coin enough for that ish, but I’ll definitely find them for you :heart:


Very cool, thanks a bunch for this!


Oh wow! Thanks so much for posting them! You’re so great :kissing:


Whoa. Thank you. I’ll be looking at these tomorrow; I’m a hoarder of typefaces, so this’ll come in handy! Downloading tomorrow! :smiley:


A question: are any of these typefaces available in this megapost?



Thank you so much for giving us all these David. They are a massive help. Currently going through them all to see what ones I would like.


Thanks! I’m going to download all of these and add them to my font collection! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thanks for sharing :bouquet:




I’m looking for these as they’re not in my collection atm but i’ll send them to you if and when i find them <3


I’ve added a subhead of signature fonts to include handwritten fonts like The Styled Edit and Georgia; although i couldnt find those specific ones, I have alot of similar ones that i think you’ll enjoy :purple_heart:


Thank you! If you do find the O.G. ones, I’d love them, as well!


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh this is INCREDIBLY helpful!! Thank you so much for these!


oh Wow there are soo many nice fonts on there! but I can’t afford to spend $15+ on a font :confused:


OMG thank you! This is so cool of you love these


He posted a link to zip full of fonts

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