😜 Whatever Thread! v4.0


Simply post whatever you want, just be kind. :rose:

It would be a SIN not to SIN… :sushing_face:



Omg Kathy Griffin went IN on so many people :joy:


I cannot stop watching… :eyes:

Interesting breakdown of the video:


This is a couple of years old… But I still think it’s one of the best sketches I have ever seen :grin:


I’m glad people are starting to Andy Cohen for what he really is. And I’m so not surprised Trump has TMZ in his pocket. :roll_eyes: I will forever love and stand with Kathy. Sis did not hold back.



We have a Whatever Thread! That means SIN is legit back for real!! <3


yay happy SIN is back again :hugs:


Welcome back Darrin!


Honestly, SIN returning the same time as Halloween & Stranger Things 2 is a miracle and I feel so blessed.


Excuse me baby boy, just had to dance with you now
See there’s nobody in here that comes close to you, no
Your hands are on my waist, my lips you wanna taste
Come muévete, muévete, muévete

:dancer: :dancer: :dancer:


@Xtopher OMG I’m crying


This is the first truly cold day of the season and I’m loving it!


Love seeing everyone come back together and the forums being active again! :hugs:

SIN is back bitches! :tipping_hand_woman:


Emma too


Emma’s release was announced first followed by Summer and Darren :cry:
I’m so pressed
Hold me sis

@Jordanxo faves both getting released on the same day
please let ur curse carry on to Randy :pray::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Enzo still being allowed to work there tho. WWE really hates their fans





This girl on X Factor called Grace Davies is a star in the making, this is her own original song and it’s sooo good. Currently #11 on UK iTunes!


Well, finally I’m out of new member “prison”. :flushed:


finally i am free!

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