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I think he probably will tbh. I think he’ll sign Rak-Su too. I love how more people have done original songs this year more than ever before.


That’s definitely something they’ve encouraged. What do you think about Cheryl potentially coming back in 2018 as a full-time judge?


I think Cheryl is one of the best judges they have on the show, but the last time she was on it, I didn’t like it because the groups she had were awful.


Yeah. But, no offense, 98% of the groups were horrid that year.


Yeah, most years the groups were awful, apart from JLS, 1D, Union J and my queens Little Mix obvs.


Little Mix are my fave winners ever!


I know I’m probably bias, but to me, they are the best thing to ever come out of X Factor. I know One Direction are the biggest, but Little Mix just have everything, singing, dancing, personalities, friendship. God, I just love them :heart_eyes:


I agree. Leona Lewis fell flat, so Little Mix take the cake.


woah, just had a light head rush there while posting something. i’m good now.


Minimum post character count has been decreased to 4… I’d rather see discussion so don’t abuse it or it will go back up. :wink:

Will be helpful for posting just emoji’s for games. :+1:


Just a little reminder that BLACKPINK is the best girl group in history. Hold your wigs because they are coming to save music industry.


BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA, i hope they come back soon.


SHOOK, so much new music today


I think I’m getting a raise tomorrow :star_struck:


Ugh. Sign me up for one too.


I love doritos


now i want some???


Ugh I need to go to bed… :sleepy:

Doritos sounds so good right now… :man_facepalming:


I don’t want to go into work today… and I need it to be Sunday so I can see Janet!


How awesome! I wish I had gotten tickets.

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