WWE Universe Thread





I heard he left months ago because he moved out of florida but wwe couldn’t release him because of an injury :skull:
The TE winners being flops :coffin:


these raw spoilers


OMG Daddies Cesaro and Sheamus winning the titles and King Pete Dunne :hail:

The rest of the show sounds messy


UK shows are always a mess


I can’t wait for Paige’s return tomorrow :scared:


There better be we want emma chants tonight


is she returning for sure tho :coffin:


Always a mess. They spill everywhere. lol


he cant be stopped




Great value Finn ha return


is tyler gonna show off his dick tho


lettuce pray they all do :tongue:





Not another title change :skull:


I read a few days ago they wanted a new champ so jinder could be rested for the dubai tour coming up



*Charlotte is backstage with Shane. Natalya enters complaining that she gets no attention. Shane says because she was DQed in their last match, Nattie will defend the Women’s Championship against Charlotte next week. The winner will go on to face Alexa Bliss at Survivor Series.

Nattie is gonna lose her title :skull:


Not the full SDL show being out already wtf :coffin:


poor nattie, she was boring anyway

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