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Whats happening in the gif :eyes:
Renee must be shook


@Xtopher @Jordanxo @SmithAaronA Are we ready for tomorrow girls?

:raised_hands: :sob::raised_hands::sob:



Is she confirmed for RAW? :exploding_head:


Apparently she’s gonna be on team Raw for SS


:astonished: wait… WHAT!!!






Legends #WomensWrestling


inb4rd Paige gets released



put some respeck on king ellsworth name ho



What are Legends Torrie, Lilian and Candice doing hanging out with all that FILTH



NOT when Torrie and Candice are little Trumpsters and Lillian is just a annoucer


Why are all my faves Trump supporters? Even my bf voted for that mess.



Stoked for Survivor Series!


According to James McKenna & Ryan Satin on the latest edition of Wrestling Sheet Radio, the plan was for James Ellsworth to face Charlotte Flair at Wrestlemania 34 for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

  • McKenna says that these plans were in place as recent as August
  • The idea was for Ellsworth to come out, saying that he was transitioning and identifies as a woman
  • As a result, it gave him the right to challenge for the Women’s title
  • This idea also apparently came right from Vince McMahon and was something WWE was seriously considering

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