Gay guys can't be friends! Right?


So I don’t honestly believe gay guys can’t be friends with one another!

:couplekiss_woman_woman: I’m not a bigot I promise :couple_with_heart_man_man:

But from my experience being a gay guy in the UK, I don’t see many gay men who are friends with each other without the lines of friendship being blurred by sex or lust.

I just wanted to get a conversation started really and see your gays personal experiences :rainbow:



I have plenty of gay friends who I’m just friends with, but I’m not attracted to any of them so nothing would ever happen. :laughing:


Personally I would have to disagree with you.

As a fellow gay guy in the UK, I have a circle of friends who are also gay - some of whom have had the blurred lines that you mention, and sme of whom have not.

I understand your point of view though, it can seem that for a lot of gay people it’s like a spider’s web where A has hooked up with B, B is friends with C but are friends with benefits etc.


@Kevin Disagree? I don’t see any disagreement :slight_smile: I think sexuality is an amazing topic of conversation and just love learning from other people, I only speak from personal experience and none of my thoughts are set in stone

I mean yeah that’s more what I’m getting at, the blurred lines, which can cause awkwardness and friendships to fail. I have had friends where I have had no attraction at all but after a few drinks would happily try and kiss me


I don’t think I’ve ever been around 4 gay guys at the same time where someone hasn’t messed with someone else there. I genuinely just want to make friends with a guy and know for fact that’s all it is.

The spiders web analogy was spot on :spider:


Not a disagreement per sé, just differing opinions - no negative feelings of course :slight_smile:

Sexuality is definitely an interesting topic of conversation, particularly nowadays where sexuality is recognised as a non-binary scale so much more than it ever was before.

I completely get where you’re coming from, I’ve had platonic friends try to make a move on me after a few drinks. I think that, maybe more-so during teens and early twenties, we are at the prime of exploring our sexuality, and who better to explore with than someone we already know and trust?

I’ve been on tinder before just to make friends, and I’m always very explicit that I’m not looking for anything above that - I’ve made a few great friends through Tinder and Grindr this way.


I Have to agree with you, I can’t wait for the time when coming out isn’t a thing because everyone understands that sexuality is a scale and isn’t ashamed of the fact.

I’m in a long term relationship and he wouldn’t be too happy if i was to download a app like that. Jealousy is an ugly thing :joy: Since my experiences as a teenager I kind of closed myself off to the possibility of gay friends being an option, but I’ve got to the point where I can’t be around as a token gay guy to my straight friends and I’m craving the company of people who understand and don’t just call me when they want to go shopping.

I noticed myself steering on to other topics :sweat_smile:


I think the topics are all linked though, so they’re all relative to the subject of what it is you want to discuss.

In my eyes, I don’t see the scale of sexuality becoming “norm” any time soon, but with each generation we are moving closer and closer towards it - so much progress has been made in the past decade alone, and hopefully in 10 years time we can say the same thing again.

Understanding your situation a bit more, I would say that you need to make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who feed your soul (not in a weird way…). Obviously we all have our own experiences in life, but you shouldn’t let that close doors of potential new experiences and friendships in your future. Maybe look at joining in on some social activities in your area (obviously being in the UK that isn’t always an option since some towns are so small!).

And of course if you want someone to chat to you can always drop me a message :slight_smile:


I actually have a lot of gay friends however I can’t seem to find a man for myself


That image! from wayyyyy back


the Dying Orangutan meme is iconic :joy:




I’m out of likes because of your artwork SMH :stuck_out_tongue:



Exactly. Lol, that’s like saying a man and a woman can’t be friends because one of them gets attached. Not everyone is attracted to everyone and there’s even a one up for gays because are two bottoms or two tops going to be having sex with each other? Nope.


i cant even have str8 friends because they end up being atracted to me

jokes aside. I can’t really tell tbh. I don’t have gay friends apart from my boyfriend. lol


i had gay friends but they were such a nymphomaniac bitches so i dont wanted them as friends lol.
but i believe yeah gays can be friends why not?


Well, it’s a bit difficult in these times. Sex has invaded much the coexistence and not only in the homosexual. Today everyone relates to everyone in every possible way. Here in Argentina all of the “community” know each other because they would have had sex before. It’s amazing, but I really appreciate not being part of that world.


Queen of attracting men even if they’re relatives

True, but if you live in a big city there’s a better chance for you to find friends with whom you can have non-sexual relationships.


@MASSEDUCTION I know very few guys who don’t get into the “comunity” but for example here in Mendoza are all promiscuous hahaha. really.


@ramma para mi Mendoza es muy chica, imagino que no hay mucho para elegir. Yo también sería muy #puta ahi, hay que agarrar lo que haya (?)

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