Tinashe - Joyride (April 13th, 2018)


Standard Edition
1. Keep Your Eyes on the Road (Intro)
2. Joyride
3. No Drama featuring Offset
4. He Don’t Want It
5. Ooh La La
6. Me so Bad featuring French Montana and Ty Dolla $ign
7. Ain’t Good for You (Interlude)
8. Stuck with Me featuring Little Dragon
9. Go Easy on Me (Interlude)
10. Salt
11. Faded Love featuring Future
12. No Contest
13. Fire and Flames

Japanese Edition
14. L-O-V-E
15. Superlove
16. Player featuring AK-69
17. Flame

No Drama | January 18th, 2018

Faded Love | February 12th, 2018

Me so Bad | March 30th, 2018



1.18.18 | No Drama

Beats 1 leaked the title to their twitter and instagram.
Both posts have now been removed.
No word on whether it’s a single, EP or mixtape.


I think it’s a single. She says “I have a new song coming out. I hope people like it.” at the end of the new teaser video she posted her social media an hour ago.


updated :sunglasses:



I hope it’s all 3 songs at once. :slight_smile:


In a new interview with Beats 1 Radio, Tinashe spills the tea on her forthcoming album.

“I would say it has been done done for probably the past only three months,” she said. “As it’s been evolving – and there have been several reincarnations of the project over the course of it being made – there were times when I thought it was done in the past, and then I was able to challenge myself and try and make better material.”

Tinashe wouldn’t divulge the politics that inhibited her rollout process. Instead, she made lemonade.

“Everything happens really truly for a reason, and even though there were so many pushbacks seemingly, so many pushbacks and stuff that I had to overcome to get this project out, it all really truly pushed me to make the songs that are on it now… which I think are way better.”



I wonder what happened between Tinashe and RCA for the label to suddenly click and actually invest in her.


IDK and IDC. At least we are getting fucking music; let’s hope we don’t go the rest of 2018 without the album, and then go into 2019, and wait to see what’s coming!


Updated the OP!

I realise that “Player”, “Superlove” and “Flame” will more than likely be standalone singles in the end, but I’ve included them for posterity. I left “Party Favours”, “Ride of Your Life” and “Company” off the list as they were eventually included on Nightride.

Thanks Eric for turning the thread into a wiki. :heart:


I’m ready for what’s coming next. I need it, now! Kind of disappointed, however, that these three songs are all collaborations. But, I’m here for it.


I really do believe Joyride is coming this year. She has a fire in her eyes that she hasn’t had since mid-2016 when RCA chucked “Superlove” out into the world.

As per the release strategy, RCA remains an absolute mess and that’ll never change because the label heads do not grasp that we have moved into a streaming era. I still don’t grasp why they marketed it as a triangle early on and then decided that it was better to release them as individual singles, but, hey, werk.


It baffles me, too. Why promote it as a three-piece, and then only offer us one by one? Like, no. Give us all fucking three!


Superlove is one of my favorite songs by her. I love that video so much. In No Drama I don’t see fire, it acaully feels she’s uncomfortable. That diamond outfit is wearing her.


  • The album is pretty much finished.
  • There is a collab with a female singer on the album. [Rumours already point to Kehlani, SZA or Britney]
  • A part of one of Joyride’s tracks is 3-4 years old, taken from an earlier version of the now reworked song.
  • The song “Joyride” [leaked in 2016] low key confirmed to be on the album.


I feel like Joyride was going to be a more dance-pop album, and it has become something more urban. I don’t know how I feel about it, but… I just want the fucking album! It has been far too long.


Thank fuck for it being urban leaning. “Player” is ace, but the other two were so below her. I’ve always been more in love with her crystalline R&B.

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