Tinashe - Joyride (April 13th, 2018)


I would be here for a Britney collab :sunglasses:


“Faded Love” will be leading the album pre-order. When that’ll happen, no one knows. :sparkles:


I hope this time she is going to release it. I can’t wait for 2036 for her another album.


Apparently this is the Faded Love single cover. The website that the No Drama cover first appeared on has posted this, which fits in with two photos Tinashe has posted on social media in the past few days. It doesn’t fit with No Drama’s art direction though…


Ummm… Yeah, not a fan.



Tinashe is featured in the new Pepsi-sponsered Lip Sync Battle commercial.


NGL, I kind of like this!



Faded Love” is coming February 14, 2018.



Wow. Beats 1 is a big deal. The album really is coming this time. :sob:


Let’s hope so!


The album has been confirmed to be released in April as per this article.


Some info from the Beats 1 interview.

  • Joyride has had 3-4 different full album incarnations (150+ songs).
  • The recording process for Joyride is done and the album is in mixing stage.
  • Joyride’s tracklist has been submitted.
  • “Me So Bad” is coming next month and Tinashe confirmed French Montana and Ty Dolla Sign features.
  • She feels that the music industry is changing and artists are no longer restricted to releasing music only for an album cycle.
  • She also said it’s more common now for artists to release multiple singles before an album - thus the ND, FL and MSB situation.


Someone better leak all the songs that didn’t make the album :clap:



Faded Love > No Drama

And I hope we get a leak of the poppier sound, a-la “Player”, “Superlove” and “Flames”.


Superlove was a bop. I’m all for a full R&B album, but sis better get to leaking.


I really hope No Contest is on the tracklist.

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