Tinashe - Joyride (April 13th, 2018)


So, why did she say she’s not trapped by her label? Girl… get your story straight! She needs to ditch RCA!


I feel like with the lawsuit she’s more than likely no longer trapped by RCA and their expectations of what she as an artist should be. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the court room.

I believe she’s under a three album contract with them. She has fulfilled two of those albums as Nightride has been officially labeled as a mixtape.


It definitely would have been interesting to see what was said in the court room. Here’s hoping she has more positive and beneficial experiences with RCA from now on.

The Japanese edition tracklist has been released and the 4 bonus tracks are made up of “L-O-V-E”, “Player” (featuring AK-69), “Superlove” and “Flame”.


Rumours are this has something to do with her being at YouTube HQ recently.


so happy this was finally able to get released, but it’s definitely weaker than Aquarius and Nightride unfortunately. I hope she can somehow manage some kind of hit with it tho


HDD reported that the album sold 4,710 copies in pure sales. :toilet:


omg, the gays failed her. this is a pity tbh


WTF is that? 4.7k? Really girl? Time to ditch RCA and your management, and get a new team!

PS: Why is the board teling me to reply to “other” people? Like, no. I reply to who TF I want to respond to, haha!


I mean, is anyone honestly that surprised? “Player” and “Superlove” divided the fanbase. Nightride undid some of that damage, but “Flame” was the final nail in the coffin.

We’re basically back to square one. She needs to release a mixtape akin to her older material and rebuild her fanbase. From there she can release her third album, hopefully with a new label and/or management.

Unfortunately it looks like streams didn’t do much for her either; she’s not even in the top 50 and HDD moved her from #24 to #25 on pure sales.


She definitely needs new management and a new label, because neither worked for her. Though, she did some television appearances. I just don’t know if the general public are interested anymore.


Joyride debuted at #76 on the Australian (ARIA) Album Chart. #19 in Digital Albums.


#78 in the UK which matches Aquarius.

She needs a proper promotional push, but I just don’t see that happening with RCA anymore—not that they ever tried. I’m more afraid that she’ll be locked in label purgatory for the long haul.


Not if she sues under the seven-year clause. Then she might get out!


Fire and Flames and Ooh La La are the two stand out tracks to me.


I was a bit let down by the album tbh :frowning: loved Aquarius way more. but I’m glad she finally got it out!


She may not be able to get out of it as easy as JoJo did. First off, Tinashe was only been with RCA for 6 years (well 6 years in July of 2018) and unlike JoJo’s label, RCA has still been releasing her music. Second, JoJo had leverage when it came to her contract seeing as how she was a minor when she signed and per the state that she signed her contract in, you can not legally keep a minor in a single contract for more when 7 years. Tinashe was 19 when she signed with RCA.

Like I’ve stated before, I do hope she can get out of it because RCA isn’t doing her justice. If she can’t, I’d rather her focus on her third (and possibly last album she’s signed for) and then can move on away from RCA. We’ll see how this plays out, I guess.


Entered at number 58 on the Billboard 200.


Y’all just need to let the RCA narrative go. What happens is what’s gonna happen. We can make as many predictions as we want and still be off the mark. :toilet:

She seems to be in a really good headspace. I’m looking forward to whatever she puts out next; whether that’s a single, EP, mixtape, or album.


Complex wrote a mean-spirited article about her “fading into the background” and she replied.


That entire article is such a shit show. I can’t believe they pay people to write that drudge. They completely overlooked her mixtapes. :skull:

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