What do you think of the all-new SIN 4.0?!


So we are really back! What do you think so far?! :exploding_head: :hugs: :heart_eyes:


Love the design and the easiness of it. Way better than the 3.0 design :sweat_smile:


Loving it so far! you really did a great job!!


Struggling still with the “You can only see so many thread and make so many posts in one day” limit thing, but other than that, this is pretty great!


Oh Danny, that is a limit set for new users only. It should be removed on your account very soon.

It’s on all new accounts once created, it lasts for 24 hours after you first post.



i don’t have any complaints so far! It looks super great!


Love it, easy to navigate once you get the hang of it!


like it :slight_smile:


Far better than the complete mess that was 3.0, I’m looking forward to seeing how this progresses and hopefully SIN can return to it’s former glory :slight_smile:


I definitely love the design and overall functionality of it! :heart_eyes:


i like this alot better than the other layout. can’t wait to explore more.


I’m currently loving the version, but one of the suggestions I have is the category list on the main page takes a ton of space and I think it could be arranged at the top in a way that doesn’t take as much space and you could put a second row of discussion topics having a “Latest” one and maybe a “Popular” lists?


This is a really good idea, maybe drop down menus?


I’d like to recommend maybe doing a very brief tutorial for when making threads for the first time that go through how to use codes & what not if we’re not gonna have them in the toolbar that is.


Love this version so far! But only missing 2 important things:

  1. Signatures/sets
  2. Marketplace

Bring back these 2 please!


I second this. Probably crazy but I’m just confused by the ‘reply’ and I’ve seen people inserting other posts from different threads?! I think we just need to play around a bit more.


Yea, we are still making a new user guide, but the message you receive from @SINbot is very important.

Follow his introductions and bookmark the message and he will begin an awesome tutorial!



:smirk: Might have skipped that one, LOL. I’ll check it out now.


I’m really hoping center text will make a return in the future, and maybe text size/color for the album topic threads, etc.

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