Tinashe - Joyride (April 13th, 2018)


“Me so Bad” is out there and it’s pretty shit. Not exactly the record she should have launched the pre-order with, but whatever.


“Me So Bad” is ok. Not as substantial as “No Drama” and “Faded Love” though. Hoping we get the tracklist with the pre-order.

Ty Dolla Sign’s rapping sounds a little like Chris Brown in this. I’d rather he just sang his whole verse.


So apparently some of the tracklist (not in order) has leaked as songs have been registered on music databases with 2018 set as the release date/year.

1. Ain’t Good For Ya (Interlude) [1:03 secs]
2. Faded Love (feat. Future) [3:24 secs]
3. Fires and Flames [3:45 secs]
4. Go Easy On Me (Interlude) [0:31 secs]
5. He Don’t Want It [2:42 secs]
6. Keep Your Eyes on The Road (Intro) [1:14]
7. Joyride [3:25 secs]
8. Me So Bad (feat. French Montana & Ty Dolla $ign) [3:11 secs]
9. No Contest [3:47 secs]
10. No Drama (feat. Offset) [3:20 secs]
11. Oh La La [3:15 secs]
12. Salt [3:48 secs]
13. Stuck With Me (feat. Little Dragon) [3:25 secs]

Total duration: 34:50

Little Dragon are a Swedish electronic band whose works range from trip hop, synth-pop, dream pop, electro indie and alternative R&B.

Whilst I’m hoping there are more tracks as 35 minutes is extremely short for a Tinashe album, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the real deal with the way RCA has treated her over the past 4 years.


Ideally the album would be twenty tracks in length, but thirteen tracks really isn’t all that surprising.

What’s more interesting is that Travis Scott isn’t mentioned on the title track anymore.


I’m curious about the title track too. I’m just glad that she managed to get it back under her name after RCA gave it to Rihanna, if it’s true that happened.


We have production credits too.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road — produced by Hit-Boy and Travis Scott
Joyride — produced by Hit-Boy and Travis Scott
No Drama — produced by StarGate
He Don’t Want it — produced by T-Minus
Ain’t Good for Ya — produced by Bobby Brackins and Mario Luciano
Me so Bad — produced by A1 and Hitmaka
Salt — produced by Soundz
Faded Love — produced by StarGate
No Contest — produced by Soundz
Fires and Flames — produced by Joel Compass

She also confirmed that Travis Scott has been removed from the title track.


The back cover design is quite bland. Little disappointed. The inconsistency with the single covers aesthetic to the album art is a poor design decision. I wonder how much creative control T actually had with this.

The title track is probably the song she was talking about in her MTV interview. She mentioned that a section from one of the album tracks is a few years old and the rest of the same track has been reworked.


What the fuck is that back cover. Horribly done, RCA. HORRIBLE!


It honestly looks like pieced it together in Word by an intern,
which, you know, wouldn’t exactly surprise me. :coffin:

At this point, I don’t even care. Just give me the damn album.


That’s how I am at this point.
The whole album’s roll out has been messy and I just don’t care anymore.


I’m low-key hoping she parts ways with RCA this year and signs to a better label. Whilst I’m happy she’s finally being allowed to release the album, I can’t help but be a little bitter at how the label has treated her in the past.


Here’s hoping she signed a two album contract with RCA—although I’m afraid she signed a longer contract with them as she threw some subtle shade in a recent interview where she alluded to not being able to release another album until 2020.


@Kenji do you know if any tracks have leaked from this era that didn’t make the final cut?


I’m not quite sure how many of these have leaked.

My Territory
Pour Your Love on Me
Same Old Me
They’re On


The way this album is being rolled out makes me believe this may possibly be her last album under RCA. Three singles beforehand, all with music videos, but no televised appearances or performances whatsoever is a little bit suspicious.


The album is officially up for pre-order!


She did state she didn’t care if the album sold, etc. I don’t know if that’s connected to Sony and RCA, but I feel like it’s a low-key dig at them not giving two-shits. If she did leave RCA, would we want her independent or on another major label? And, if another major, where would we want her signing?


Ideally, I’d like to see her with either Top Dawg Entertainment which is more of an independent label with some larger acts signed to their roster (ie. Kendrick Lamar and SZA) and fits her soundscape, or Atlantic Records who just seem to care a bit more about their artists (unless you’re Charli XCX and that’s more Warner than Atlantic). That and it’d put her on the same label as her former bandmate; Hayley Kiyoko.


“Me So Bad” music video is available on iTunes and Apple Music for those who live in Asia, Australia and Europe. It’s good, very summery, the study and blue locker scenes are the most aesthetically appealing. French Montana brings nothing to the song or video.


Oooh… Top Dawg Entertainment was not a label that I would’ve thought of, but thinking about it makes sense in my head. Though, SZA is on TDE and RCA… so I’d have to see if TDE could handle Tinashe all on her own, without the label of another label. Or, maybe, TDE with distribution through Warner/Atlantic?

Either way, I want her off RCA after this album, and if I were her, I’d try and escape the deal. If she signed to RCA in California, couldn’t she try and use the seven-year law that both JoJo and Rita Ora used to get out of their contracts with Blackground and Columbia, respectively? That might be her sole way out, especially given the multiple push backs with her music, etc.

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